Elsa Lenthal

When I was 10 years old, during the summer, my mother showed me how to make a lavender wand. With a few stalks of lavender gathered in the garden, she taught me how to gently fold back the stems over the flowers and to weave them with a nice ribbon. I watched her with amazement as the wand appeared in it’s perfection and perfume.

As a teen, it became my first “summer job”. making and selling my wands at the provencal markets. It was an immediate success. People where fascinated to discover how the wands where made. It showed them the work involved and the local origin. Those summer markets became a yearly rendez vous until 2009, when I created my company “Fuseaux de lavande de Provence”. A website followed as well as workshops to share my “savoir faire” with others.

Today, it’s with great pleasure that I perpetuate this provencal tradition that had almost disappeared as a tribute to my region.